Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I know I Have dropped the "Blog ball" Jessica told me all about it! So i am gonna try to catch you up on all thats new in "Kilah and Brodies World" We had a great Easter, and were 2 of the 5 best dressed kids at church..thanks Ce-Ce! But too bad we had to wear sweaters to keep us warm! The kids loved there easter baskets and all the goodies the Easter bunny left! Then it was off to aunt Jessicas house to play with our favorite cousins! I really enjoy our first holidays and watching the kids enjoy them I know it will only get better each year! Here are some pictures of our first easter! And I will try to do better with my blogging!

Look what she can do now!

Kilah Celene! My wild child! She is now pulling up on whatever and whenever she wants! She walks all over the house in her walker and it is not gonna be too long till she is walking everywhere! She also decided to climb a few stairs this week too! you cant take your eyes off her for one minute! She is so fun and active she will be the child that keeps me young! I see myself in her so much it kind of scares me! My favorite thing to say is " i should have been a better kid!" Ce-Ce just sits back and grins!

Its Baseball time!

We had our first trip to the ball park to see "my miles" play baseball and it was bitter sweet for me I admit I got a little choked up at my miles! I was so proud of him and we enjoyed it so much Blake grew up on a ball field as did I so it was fun to be back and enjoy the day with the kids! Here are my two favorite men and two of my favorite girls enjoying the day at the park!

My sweet little man!

Brodie White! How can you not just love him?! He has become very talkative... He says Dada. Lola (our dog), Kilah but still no momma! He is so easy going and happy! He steals my heart daily! He smiles and my heart just melts! He has cahnged the most in the last 10 months! He is not pulling up but loves to stand up next to his sister and play with her... but then falls and scares himself on the way down! They really do enjoy each other so much!