Sunday, July 22, 2007


Here are some of my very favorites!

A few picture of what we enjoy doing....

Climbing! climbing and more climbing!!!

Our water table is a great way to beat the heat! and its so fun!

Our changing table is so fun to climb in but... how do we get out!? MMMOOOMMMMAAA!!

The Tupperware drawer is our favorite drawer in the kitchen....we love to help momma cook!

Little boys have BIG fun!

Brodie White!
This little man is a mean lean climbing machine!He is also very funny he is constantly saying something its mainly just "jabbering"but he is always VERY busy! He started to walk this week and is also saying a few words he says " momma, daddy, Lola, juice, bites, and truck!" Lola is our dog and he loves her!He really loves to climb into boxes or anything and sit in it and talk and "fix"it!In the picture you see him sitting in his favorite musical banjo! He likes to sit in it and play music and dance! He really is something always falling and bumping his head, but hes tough! He is the sweetest most snuggly baby ever and he will melt any heart! He has already turned mine into mush!

Whats Kilah up to now?!!!


This little girl is so amazing! She is so full of life and so fun to be around! I really just cant get enough of her! She is walking, and talking she can say almost anything she wants..."up, juice,momma, Brodie, daddy,baby,bites,love you,more"and so on! She amazes me every day! She has the best facial expressions, and is always into everything, and is completely fearless!! She weighs about 18 lbs and is a petite little lady...just like me as a baby! To know Kilah is to totally LOVE Kilah!

And we are OFF!!!!

Kilah started first on and now is walking anywhere she wants! Brodie shortly followed but is still getting the hang of it! I have not snapped any pics of Brodie yet, he doesn't stay up that long! today he took 8 steps to his aunt ju-ju (jessica)! He really loves her! She does have a way with the boys you know! So here we go... life is gonna get a little hairy now! I am off to buy some leashes!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Off with his HAIR!!!!

Well I did it... I buzzed my boys hair!!!! I buzzed Kilahs at 4 months and now Brodies at 13 months! I have to say as odd as it sounds it was harder for me to buzz Brodies!

But here are some pics of his Big 2nd Haicut!

This haircut really made him look like a big boy!

Our 1st birthday bash!

Brodie loved his cake! He really dug in! When we took his cake away he went after Kilahs! Kilah ate her cake like a little lady! She didn't get too messy! We joked that she ate the sand at the beach better than her cake!
This was such a bitter sweet day for me! My babies are growing so fast and they are getting funner every day! I would like to thank everyone that shared this special day with us! Your presence will never be forgotten! They both are very active and funny! I am always wondering what are they gonna do next?

Its been a year already?

O I just can not believe it has already been a year! and what a wonderful year it has been! These two babies have given me so much joy and so many memories this year i cant even remember life with out them! They were born on June 9,2006 and came home July 3rd..and our house hasn't been quiet since! Kilah and Brodie have by far passed any "preemie" standards... they are right where they should be if they were full term babies! i am so proud! It is hard for me to even try to type the feelings i feel toward these two because to me words can not even start to explain, they are absolutely amazing and I love them more every day and i never thought that was possible