Friday, April 4, 2008


My sweet Kilah Koo!
What a sweet soul she is! So loving and kind...sort of! She is sneaky! If i catch her doing something she isn't supposed to she will look at me and say "hi momma!" really sweet! She is a great talker she speaks very clear. She loves to snuggle and fix my hair! She loves her "night night" which is her blanket and baby dolls! She is my eater she loves green beans, "geenbeans" and anything that anyone else is eating! I call her my doesn't matter what or where I am eating she will find me and sweetly say "more pease!" and will then answer for you by saying "okay" She likes to snuggle and stays right at my feet!She can tend to be a little more shy than Brodie but not for long, give her a minute and shell have you eating out of her hands! She is quit the charmer. She loves her "Brodie boy, and Lola" Lola is our dog! If Blake or I ask her her "who's momma/daddy's girl?" she will answer with "Kilah is!!!" It melts me! Kilah really is just so loving and has a heart of gold! I couldn't love her more!

Cooking like mommy!

Every girl needs her Beauty kit!

"I comin!"


My Boy Brodie!!!!
He is my mommas boy for sure! He is also my child!!! So friendly and not the least bit shy! He is wild and when some one says "childproof" that doesn't mean "Brodie proof!" He can find and get his hand on whatever he wants! If there is a hammer or a stick of some sort around he will find it! He loves to "fix things"with daddy and talk back! I will tell him no! and he will say "I Just... I just!" He is always running never walking and constantly talking...very loudly! We cant always make out what he is saying unless he really wants us to understand! He will only say and do what he wants when he wants to! He loves TV, and really gets into it he talks back in English and Spanish..if he is watching Dora or Diego! TV is really the only way i can keep him out of EVERYTHING!!! He is adventurous and I love it! He is also quit the comedian...He always keep me busy and laughing! I am totally in love with this boy!!

Brodie "shishin!" aka fishing!

"Cheeeeese momma!"

Like I said into EVERYTHING!

Helping daddy "Fix it!"

The kind of stuff he does in his spare time!

FEB 2008....

Only in Knoxville do we have a beautiful 65 degree weather in Feb!!! So we really took advantage and played out side ALOT!!! I love taking the twins pictures outside because the lighting is great and the candid pics are my favorite!
Here are some fun pictures on Kilah and Brodie outside! I learned on this day just how different my kids are ... Kilah parked herself on the ground and played in that same spot so nicely and Brodie just ran... in peoples yards, after dogs, down the hill EVERYWHERE!!! He is all boy I tell you! They have so much fun playing outside!
Please notice Kilah in her sweet pig tails..or just "p tails" as she calls them! She doesn't enjoy having them put in but loves to look at them and swing them around. So girly!!

I love this picture of them....Best Friends for life!

He looks sooooo innocent!

Playing with oatmeal on the back porch?!?! momma really?!

My Handsome boy!

She takes my breathe away!

JAN 2008...

Okay here we go i am going to try to catch everyone up to speed....
January was a fun month, as is every month in this house! But i quit my job that i had at Belleza Salon and Spa for the last 7 years to stay home with my kiddos!
I still do work on Mondays, but only Mondays at a great little place,it is very nice and quiet and I ABSOLUTELY love it! Staying home was a big adjustment for me but i really love it! My kids are sooo much cooler than anyone else i know and i would rather hang out with them than anyone else in the world! I am very happy with my new job and new roll as stay at home momma!
The kids are wild and into everything! As you can see In the pictures Kilah is definatley a princess and Brodie is all boy! They keep me on my toes and i love every minute!

Can I wear this momma?

"YAY!!" we love bath time!!

Check me out!!!