Friday, June 1, 2007


BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE! what a little man! as you can see he also had a great time at the beach and pool, but it wore him out!He also loved to eat the sand, and he LOVED the sticks the most! he had fun finding little tiny shells! he had a blast crawling on the sand! what a sweet boy i have, he always has a smile on his face a kiss to blow you! i love this littel man so much i could lick his face off!

This child loved the beach and everything about life this week! i am sad to report the i think hilton head is no longer a beach because Kilah ate all the sand on the island.... seriously she ate the sand like it was candy!!! She is so close to walking and growing so fast! this child is a mess! i love watching her grow and see how many times she can surprise me and make me laugh in one day! it is so crazy to see someone so little who reminds you so much of your self on a daily basis! i just love her..... look at a few of my fav pics of her at the beach.



Ce-Ce took all 5 of her grand babies and all 3 of her girls and just 1 son in law to Hilton head in may! it was a blast! Kilah and Brodie had a blast all week, they swam in the pool, ate sand at the beach, felt the ocean water, and ate at the salty dog cafe! They did soooo many fun things on this trip but i know there favorite thing was hanging out with there cousins, i enjoyed it too i miss getting to see Miles, Mason and Anna Katherine! This was our first LONG trip away from home and the kids handled it like champs! we just cant wait to go again next year and see how different it will be! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Ce-Ce for taking us to the beach we will never forget this trip and how much fun we all had as one BIG happy family! We love you soooooooo much!


On my very first Mothers day we were at the beach and it was perfect! We got to spend the day with all the people we love the most..Ce-Ce, Aunt Jessica,Aunt Boo and all of our cousins! Blake and the twins got me the most beautiful bracelet and i just love it! I enjoyed that day so much i cant wait till my next mothers day! To me mothers day is the best day EVER! So happy late Mothers day to all you Mommas out there!

Kilah and I got invited to a church mothers day lunch! My first mommy and daughter event! it was so fun...kind of odd to me to be out without both of them....but nice! Thank you to all the ladies that threw the lunch it was so yummy, and so special to me and my family!