Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May 2008....mothers day!!!

I know i am so behind because my babies have turned 2 and i am not even caught up enough to post about it!!! baaaad blogger!
Mothers day..... o how i love mothers day! It is my favorite holiday! I guess because it is better than a Birthday because it is celebrating me doing the one thing i love the most in the world...BEING MOMMA!!! So the month of may brought park days and Mothers day! We went out to lunch with my mom, and went to my dads that night! It was great!!! Kilah kept telling me "happy birtday momma!" so sweet and Brodie just knew to be extra loving on that day! Being a momma is the best blessing in the world and no matter how stressed out and tired i get of going going going all the time i would never change the fact that I am mom! These 2 babies are just so much fun to watch and love there is NEVER a dull moment and there is NEVER a moment that they look at me and I don't feel there love!!! AMAZING I TELL YOU! Being a mom is the best job i have ever had!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

March and April 2008

So i know i am the worst blogger on the planet! We have been so busy and having so much fun! The end of March brought a early and freezing Easter, April brought Blake's birthday. The twins loved there Easter baskets and all the goodies they had in them! I would like to thank Ce-Ce for buying all the grand kids coordinating outfits for Easter! They all looked so good in them! Sadly we were all having a battle with sickness around Easter and still haven't gotten all 5 grand kids picture taken together in those outfits!
We also had a much needed play date with our buddies "the quads"! This family attends church with us and the quads are a few weeks younger than my twins! There names are Zachary, Reagan, Thomas and Jonathan! We had soo much fun with them! Allison there mom is so organized and does a AMAZING job dealing with 4 toddlers! My hat comes off to her! So Allison when you read this... lets get the kiddos together agin soon! It is going to be so fun to watch our little multiples grow up together!!!
Blake had a great birthday he is 31.....old man! I got all of our family to throw together some money and buy him a nice grill! I am not sure who loves it more me or him!!!! Grilling makes for such a easy dinner, not to mention a yummy dinner! Enjoy the slide show i put together to try to catch y'all up on our fun little life!
I am going to really put forth some effort to keep the blog more up to date!!!

ps. I have no idea how the song got on the slideshow..... sorry!