Friday, January 23, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS .... a lil late!

What a wonderful Christmas this year was for the twins!!! They were so excited, and so was I!!!! I can remember the anticipation for Santa and how special that made Christmas morning, it made it so special!!! We had a very busy and loooong Christmas celebration! The whole celebration started on Christmas eve-eve at my dads, and then Santa came to our house!!!! Then the after Santa came we packed up and drove to Pulaski to be with Blake's family on Christmas morning. While in Pulaski we had gifts and family everyday! The kids loved it! Then on Sat we came home and had "Santa Ce-Ce" with my sisters and cousins and my momma! They were in heaven and so was I! They still ask when find a new toys.." Momma did Santa bring me this?" They were 2 happy kiddos!!!
It was so fun for them and so special to me!!! There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than to see my babies faces light up with excitement! To get those wonderful hugs and kisses that say thank you with no words at all, just a simple look and gesture! Kid's are so great at showing us all the innocence we want and wish we still had! I am the luckiest momma in the world and thank god for these 2 gifts he gave me 2 1/2 yrs ago!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

GOODBYE 2008.....

As you all know I haven't been the best blogger.. but a new year calls for new blogs!!! I have picked a few things that were REALLY fun and exciting for us as a family!! Bit I have some BIG news that is absolutely thrilling to my little family....
She came to me one day and said " momma I need candy!" and Isaid "welll what do you need to do to get a piece of candy?" and her answer was " I go pee-pee and poopy on the potty!" I nswered "yes! if you do that you can have some candy!" A few minutes later i hear "I DID!!!!" andi looked and sure enough there was pee in the potty!! I am so proud of my liile girl! she has only had a few acciedents andnow does it all by herself with no help from me! She LOVES her big girl panties and really loves telling people what a big girl she is! Did i mention how cute her little butt looks in those panties?!?! SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

The proud girl on her potty!
And Kilah dancing in Big girl panties!!!!
I need to let you all know that this was not my first attempt to get rid of diapers....I got all excited and pumped to potty train them both together......BAD IDEA!!!! I spent all day in the bathroom floor and as soon as i would get them up they would pee! Kilah was tring but Brodie had no interest! It was a very sad stressful day for soon as Blake came home i needed a good cry and a little time out of the bathroom! It was the very first time i ever felt defeated by my twins!!! So the next day i decided to put the potty up and talk about it little more and wait and see when they were ready! Well it worked! for Kilah at least! I am waiting on Brodie and Talking to him alot about it and probably gonna try to get him out of diapers in the next month!!!
But man only having 1 kid in diapers is crazy!! 74 diapers last me over a week! Its AMAZING!!!


I absolutely used to LOVE going to Disney on Ice as a kids, and this year the show was about The Incredible, but Mickey and Minnie and there crew were there too! As soon as i heard Mickey and Minnie were there I knew I had my chance and was gonna take them to see it! Blake and I have never taken them to a movie or anything that requires them to sit still for a long time,so this was a first.....


Kilah and Daddy...who is paying better attention?!

Mommy and Brodie!

As you can see they were in total AWWWW! they sat with me most of the time like this and watched the whole thing! It was a little scary at times but they never flinched! I was a great family outing and Iam sooo Glad we did it! Next time a movie!!


Even though it Is a few months late!I love Halloween! I used to get all dressed up and go ALL OUT for Halloween! But since I had the twins I have moved all of my focus to the twins costumes!!! I love to dress them in matching costumes,and will as long as they let me!!!!!! As you can see this year they were....


cute huh?!?

I would like to thank our buddy Mrs Abigail for making out costumes i think they turned out PERFECT!!! The twins LOVED them! They were a huge hit while Trick or Treating!

Can you feel the love?!

There is never a shortness of hugs and kisses between these too!

Pebbles herself!

Bamm -Bamm getting his pose on!!

Every year the Denton family has a pumkin carving party at my sister Jessicas house, Thank you Jess for the invite!!! Here are a few pics of that night! The twins love all of the Denton kids and so do I! I have to say that those children all 18 (i think) are so patient and sweet with the babies in the family.... especially mine! It is really nice to be around them because i am not always worring about where they are and what they are doing!

Thank you to all the Denton kids out there!

With there Mr potato head pumpkins they made!

Brodie making S'mores..he sat out there like this forever!!!

The girls plying in Anna little house! These 2 are
and love each other so much! It is gonna be so fun to watch them grow up together!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Where has the time gone???? Look at my babies almost 2 yrs ago... that was one of there 3 month pictures. Look at them now! It amazes me how much they change.... It is sad to say but it is hard for me to remember my babies back then!
My sweet sweet SWEET 2 year olds! What a fun age! They are crazy I tell you! They are talking like crazy and running around also fighting like CRAZY! But is is so sweet after the fight it is always ended by a hug and a kiss and the sweetest little "love yous" To watch them together is so sweet and so fun! Kilah is usually the one who wakes up from nap first and is very concerned about her "Brodie Boy" she will grab my hand take me to the steps and tell me to "check on him" or "go get em". On the rare event that Brodie wakes up first he looks for her too! I really cant imagine my life with out both of them!

My silly babies! Laughing at momma!

Brodie White Miles.... My love able Wild man! At his 2 yr visit he weighed 26lbs and was 32.78 inches tall! It is so hard for me to believe that at one time he only weighed 3lbs 9oz~ he was my small baby and now he weighs more that Kilah!
He is so infectious and full of life! He loves airplanes and trains and purses...? He enjoys finding a few favorite toys through out the day and he tends to carry them around all day long..... He loves to watch TV in my lap and do anything in my lap really!
He is such a Mommy's boy... and I love every minute of it!

Kilah Celene Miles... my little diva darling! She weighed 24.4lbs and was 34.5 inches long... but we went back to the doctor last week and she weighed 26lbs. Again hard to believe that she used to weigh 3lbs 13oz.... She enjoys following me around, helping me do whatever it is I'm doing esp. when I am cooking, and telling everyone who she talks to what is hers. (example... "my dress", "Kilahs legs", "My mommy") She is very independent and sort of bossy...such a girl already! She enjoys to eat and wants anything that anyone is eating! After nap if i want a snack and she cant have it I literally have to lock myself in the pantry to eat it!... She has such a amazing love of life and speaks so well! I love watching her learn her be the girlie girl she is and I love watching her want to do things like mommy!

My blue eyed babies!

My happy little twins!

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Time flies when your having fun!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I grew up on a boat so I was so excited to take the kids on the boat! They had so much fun, and weren't scared at all!! Kilah actually didn't want me to touch her, so i would have to be sneaky and slip my hand in her life jacket without her knowing! She becoming quite stubborn in her lovely age of 2!!! Brodie thought it was awesome he loves boats and airplanes... and to make the boat ride even cooler for Brodie while we were on the boat a airplane flew really low so he could see it really good! He loved it! I love a good boat ride the wind in your hair and all of the beautiful houses to look at, i was so pleased that the twins enjoyed it as much as I do! Here are some pictures from the boat ride.
Daddy and Brodie loving the boat!
Me getting a little lovin from my girl on the boat!

This picture cracked my up! So I had to post it! Blake and I are always told how much Kilah looks like me and Brodie looks like Blake... this picture proves that for sure! They even have the same look on there faces!
I love my boys!!!

Captain Brodie ready to set sail!!!

The look on his face here is so Brodie! Shortly after this picture he got in my dads lap to help him drive! Brodie thought it was awesome! But Brodie being the boy he is he immediately found the throttle and pushed it all the was down and about threw us all out of the boat! My silly silly wild little man!

Kilah and her new fancy life jacket Pops bought her!

I just love this picture of Blake! I am pretty sure it was right after Brodie about threw us out of the boat! Blake is such a cutie!

I am sure Kilah is telling me "no touchy me mommy!"
so sweet!

We stopped for a bite to eat and Brodie was giving me some good sugars!

Kilah and Pops!
she loved the piggie back ride!

The place where we stopped to eat had a lot of ducks and the twins loved feeding the ducks and hanging out with there Pops!

Kilah went for a quick dip with me and loved it! Brodie was just as happy sitting on the back of the boat with his feet in the boy!

Our boat trip was so fun and ever since we went as soon as we get in the car Kilah wants to know if we are going to "Pops house for boat ride?"
And Brodie since then thinks if he is on a boat he WILL see another airplane!!!
My babies are a such a great age! We are having so much fun!
It just gets better every day!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I am not really sure how these pics made it on the top of the post & i am not really sure how to delete them. This is Kilah and Brodie on June 9th playing out side and loving there birthday..... now on with the blog.....


June 9Th....


I see the light at the end of the behind bloggers tunnel!

Only 1 month past the party I am posting about it! I am getting better!

As most of you know the twins LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the have since back in the day when they were in exersaucers! Anyway this year they had a Mickey and Minnie party at the "splash pad" at Carl Cowan park! The twins love water and love to run so i thought it would be perfect! It was!!!! These 2 years have FLOWN by way to fast! I look at them and cant believe how far the have come from being my 2 little 3lb babies to now being my little 2 year olds! They are so fun but so challenging at the same time! There are days i want my little 6 week old babies who never sleep know before they fought, bit each other ALL THE TIME, threw huge fits in public and said "no" all the time! But then there are days i look at them and just cant believe my eyes... those 2 are my babies and they are learning so much and trying new things everyday and i am the lucky momma that gets to share all of that with them... and the thoughts of bad things gos far far far away! I wouldn't change a thing about these 2 cuties they are my perfect little twinnies!

here is our birthday cake! Isn't it awesome! thanks Jennifer it rocked!!!

Kilah at home getting ready to party!!!

Lets get this party started momma!!!

Mom we have our sunscreen, bathing suits and these really cute Mickey and Minnie clothes on LETS GOOOOO!!!!

YAY! We made it to the party at the splash pad!!!!

I love to watch them together

Kilah running! she has great form....just like momma in the old days!!! psha!

Brodie playing with mason and daddy!!!

me and my boy having a blast!!!!

Kilah in her Minnie bathing suit taking a break to love on momma

happy birthday to Kilah ...shes still singing it!

happy birthday to Brodie...he thought it was hilarious!

we sang happy birthday 2 times at the party one song for Kilah and one song for Brodie!

Kilah and her new bike!

they love there new bikes..thanks ce-ce!


Brodie on his favorite toy of the day his Mickey Mouse airplane! He loved it and still rides it daily! thanks JuJu and Miles, Mason & Anna

I was so pleased with our fun little party! The twins skipped there first nap EVER..i was scared but they were having so much fun they played right thru all the melt downs i thought they would have! They came home played with a few of there new toys and went to bed at 6:45.. and mommy was also asleep on the couch at 8:45! What can i say parties wear us out!

My babies are such a blessing and thank god for there health and safety everyday!