Friday, September 28, 2007


Ok! I know it as been forever since I last blogged! So let me fill you in on all the new things that are changing in our house! Well the kids now have there very own rooms!!! That was very hard for me because i feel that they have shared a living space for ever! They do sleep better apart and love to wake each other ever morning! Having there own room makes them get so much more excited when they see each other!
They also have finally got to turn there car seats around forward, which we all love! They like to look out the window and dance with me to the music in the car, and I enjoy being able to see them easier!
Brodies passie now stays in the bed which official makes him a big boy! They also are using stage 2 sippy cups and love them! They have really embraced all the changes, but it makes me feel that my babies are growing WAY to fast!

They love the Mickey Mouse Club House!!!! Kilah calls it "toodles" and Brodie calls it "hot dawg!" They love to watch it and dance and sing along! Blake and I really enjoy watching it with them too! They are really funny kids! I bought them these Little chairs and they are there new favorite thing, they like to watch the club house in there chairs!

I am so proud of my Little preemies! They are still petite ( but i was the same size they are when i was there age!) They talk really well, they will say anything they want to say and anything you don't want them to say! They love to eat and love to walk/run all over the place! They are very busy and so much fun! I am sure our life was easier before them but i just cant remember, nor do i want to these little people give me the best life ever! I just cant imagine life without them! I always say" i really must have done something so right to deserve them! because they are the best little kids i have ever met!"
I am sooooo in love with these kids!


I hate to brag on them but i am gonna!!! These two are just always so happy! They play together so well (most of the time!) and are always smiling! Here are some of the most recent happy faces!!

MILES... my first born!

So anyone who knows me know that my oldest nephew Miles is my first born...He stole my heart and has had it since day 1! But he is 5 now and missing his 2 front teeth and is truly a big boy! Being a big boy means he just doesn't need me like he used to, sad i know! But the coolest thing about him growing and me having my own children is to watch him with Kilah and Brodie! Miles is one of Kilahs very favorite people...we have his picture on the fridge and she carries it around and says "Miles" all the time! She loves him like i love him! AND....... he doesn't love on me like he used to cause when your 5 its just not cool anymore, but he loves on my girl like crazy! He carries Kilah around and plays with her and she loves it! It makes me sad that he is so big but it just warms my heart to see his love for me go all the way to my children! So here are some pics of his first baseball game and Kilahs first sucker! Isn't Mile so handsome!!!


As you can see the twins love bath time! we head up stairs and Kilah is already screaming "baff!!" But here lately we have had the funnest baths ever!! First we took a bath with drew.... then we pilled in the bath with our cousins Miles, Mason and Anna! we love them soooooo much!Have you ever seen a more crowded bathtub? Its a good thing CeCe has a big tub!!!I have to say that i have the best niece and nephews ever!!!! look at how cute all of the crew is in the bath! The twins and i love to hang out with the them and it is soooo fun to watch them play together!


A few weeks ago Blake's cousins brought there son Drew to visit...they are expecting twins...sooo excited for them!!!! I t was bath night for the kids and Drew decided he needed to have a bath too! Kilah and Brodie thought it was so cool! Here are some pics of the twins visit with there budy drew and there bath with him too! We love Lisa, Moni, and drew so much and had a blast with them! Come back soon guys...bring me those 2 baby girls too! I just cant Wait to meet them!!