Friday, June 1, 2007


BRODIE BRODIE BRODIE! what a little man! as you can see he also had a great time at the beach and pool, but it wore him out!He also loved to eat the sand, and he LOVED the sticks the most! he had fun finding little tiny shells! he had a blast crawling on the sand! what a sweet boy i have, he always has a smile on his face a kiss to blow you! i love this littel man so much i could lick his face off!

This child loved the beach and everything about life this week! i am sad to report the i think hilton head is no longer a beach because Kilah ate all the sand on the island.... seriously she ate the sand like it was candy!!! She is so close to walking and growing so fast! this child is a mess! i love watching her grow and see how many times she can surprise me and make me laugh in one day! it is so crazy to see someone so little who reminds you so much of your self on a daily basis! i just love her..... look at a few of my fav pics of her at the beach.

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