Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May 2008....mothers day!!!

I know i am so behind because my babies have turned 2 and i am not even caught up enough to post about it!!! baaaad blogger!
Mothers day..... o how i love mothers day! It is my favorite holiday! I guess because it is better than a Birthday because it is celebrating me doing the one thing i love the most in the world...BEING MOMMA!!! So the month of may brought park days and Mothers day! We went out to lunch with my mom, and went to my dads that night! It was great!!! Kilah kept telling me "happy birtday momma!" so sweet and Brodie just knew to be extra loving on that day! Being a momma is the best blessing in the world and no matter how stressed out and tired i get of going going going all the time i would never change the fact that I am mom! These 2 babies are just so much fun to watch and love there is NEVER a dull moment and there is NEVER a moment that they look at me and I don't feel there love!!! AMAZING I TELL YOU! Being a mom is the best job i have ever had!!!!

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The Blakes said...

Hi Amanda-great to hear from you! Being a mom is AMAZING and hard a the same time. I cannot believe you have twins. You are incredible! I look forward to seeing the to you soon!