Monday, August 18, 2008


Where has the time gone???? Look at my babies almost 2 yrs ago... that was one of there 3 month pictures. Look at them now! It amazes me how much they change.... It is sad to say but it is hard for me to remember my babies back then!
My sweet sweet SWEET 2 year olds! What a fun age! They are crazy I tell you! They are talking like crazy and running around also fighting like CRAZY! But is is so sweet after the fight it is always ended by a hug and a kiss and the sweetest little "love yous" To watch them together is so sweet and so fun! Kilah is usually the one who wakes up from nap first and is very concerned about her "Brodie Boy" she will grab my hand take me to the steps and tell me to "check on him" or "go get em". On the rare event that Brodie wakes up first he looks for her too! I really cant imagine my life with out both of them!

My silly babies! Laughing at momma!

Brodie White Miles.... My love able Wild man! At his 2 yr visit he weighed 26lbs and was 32.78 inches tall! It is so hard for me to believe that at one time he only weighed 3lbs 9oz~ he was my small baby and now he weighs more that Kilah!
He is so infectious and full of life! He loves airplanes and trains and purses...? He enjoys finding a few favorite toys through out the day and he tends to carry them around all day long..... He loves to watch TV in my lap and do anything in my lap really!
He is such a Mommy's boy... and I love every minute of it!

Kilah Celene Miles... my little diva darling! She weighed 24.4lbs and was 34.5 inches long... but we went back to the doctor last week and she weighed 26lbs. Again hard to believe that she used to weigh 3lbs 13oz.... She enjoys following me around, helping me do whatever it is I'm doing esp. when I am cooking, and telling everyone who she talks to what is hers. (example... "my dress", "Kilahs legs", "My mommy") She is very independent and sort of bossy...such a girl already! She enjoys to eat and wants anything that anyone is eating! After nap if i want a snack and she cant have it I literally have to lock myself in the pantry to eat it!... She has such a amazing love of life and speaks so well! I love watching her learn her be the girlie girl she is and I love watching her want to do things like mommy!

My blue eyed babies!

My happy little twins!

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Time flies when your having fun!

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Quad Squad! said...

OHHHH!!! These pictures are GORGEOUS! Just like your beautiful children!