Friday, September 28, 2007

MILES... my first born!

So anyone who knows me know that my oldest nephew Miles is my first born...He stole my heart and has had it since day 1! But he is 5 now and missing his 2 front teeth and is truly a big boy! Being a big boy means he just doesn't need me like he used to, sad i know! But the coolest thing about him growing and me having my own children is to watch him with Kilah and Brodie! Miles is one of Kilahs very favorite people...we have his picture on the fridge and she carries it around and says "Miles" all the time! She loves him like i love him! AND....... he doesn't love on me like he used to cause when your 5 its just not cool anymore, but he loves on my girl like crazy! He carries Kilah around and plays with her and she loves it! It makes me sad that he is so big but it just warms my heart to see his love for me go all the way to my children! So here are some pics of his first baseball game and Kilahs first sucker! Isn't Mile so handsome!!!

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