Monday, October 15, 2007


I just looked thru this entry and realized i haven't said anything or put up many pictures of my girl! SHAME ON ME!!!! Kilah Koo...that's what we call her! She is such a girl, she loves to pretend to read books,but she calls them "boops", she also loves to just walk and talk and sing! she is just so sweet and already has her own space and doesn't want Brodie to bother her!!! But he does! He actually drives her crazy! But at the same time she always wakes up from nap early and is looking and calling for him until he wakes! She calls him "Bubba!" sometimes it sounds like "Bobie!" They love each other so much already! It is the sweetest thing to watch, The bond of a twin is unlike anything I have ever can warm the coldest of hearts!! She also loves her name and says it all the time! She is our little Chatty Cathy!

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