Friday, November 2, 2007


So when I was growing up we used to always go this pumpkin patch on scared the poo out of me!! So I have tried to make it some sort of a tradition, and take the twins every year! We have done it each year so far!! Brodie really enjoyed it! He really enjoys anything new! It took Kilah a minute but she did really enjoy it too! It was so sun! I love taking them new places and seeing it all for the first time thru their eyes!! The world is a great place thru their eyes!!!Here are some pictures of that day and last year because I didn't do this fun blog thing last just pretend!!!!

What a big pumpkin!

My sweet Kilah... she is so lovey and sweet! Here she is enjoying the pretty flowers!! She really did have fun this day!

Here is my big boy at the pumpkin patch!!! He is so full of life and loves ALL new things! He is really so entertaining and fun!!!

I can honestly say that the pumpkin patch was a little easier last year...just more fun this year! Look at how much my little pumpkins grew in a year!!!

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