Saturday, December 22, 2007


I love Christmas, everything about it EXCEPT decorating the tree!! This year was especially fun because I had my 2 very special helpers!!!

My family has this little tradition where we get a new ornament each year that sort of has to do with what we are into that mom has done it for all of us our whole lives! Its really cool , and we all really enjoy it! Well of course we have to do the same with our kids, so this year I got them Mickey and Minnie ornaments,,,of course!! They actually found them in JCPenney and told me about it, so they picked them out themselves! Here are a few pics of the decorating experience and the twins putting there ornaments on the tree!!

Putting there ornaments on the tree!

checking out here ornaments...and saying "hot dawg!"

O putting the lights on the tre was so fun with Kilah and Brodies help!!! They thought the lights were so cool!

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