Monday, December 17, 2007


I get asked all the time "how do you do it??" and "I couldn't imagine having two at the same time!" But to be honest with all of you I would not have it any other way! I would not have changed one thing about our life and experiences with these 2!!! I had a client the other day that has 13 year old twins, and she out it best...Life with multiples is long days and short years!!! And that is so true I can not believe my tiny little babies are now 18 months old! But my life has just been so full since these two came! I used to wonder what I did before them... and now I cant imagine life with out them! Having twins is such a blessing and I am so very blessed in every way! Sometimes I get overwhelmed and think I am gonna loose it, then I step back look at them and say "This is my life and I love it!"

O my Brodie Boy! This child is just un beleivable! He is alway so happy and always laughing! AND he is ALWAYS in to everything! You can not meet him and not just instantly love him! He gives the best hugs ever and great kisses too! He wraps his arms around your neck and just squeezes! Make me feel so loved and needed! He is starting to talk more and says whatever he wants to and only when he wants to! He loves to point his finger at you and tell you something....sometimes you cant make out what he is saying but he means business thats for sure! He is a mommas boy and I love it! He is a big flirt and a huge hit with all of the ladies! He is just perfect in every way!!!

My sweet kilah!!! where do I begin? She is such a sweet little girl! She is talking like crazy saying anything she wants and looking o so cute while she does it!She loves hair brushes and hair...just like her momma! We might have another hair dresser on our hands! She is running around everywhere and keeps me smiling all day long! She will do something we don't want her to do and we will say NO! and she will run at us with kisses! hard to stay mad at that! She is just so sweet always has kiises for you! She is our little drama queen for sure.... Brodie can only love on her when she wants him to! Watch out world there is another me for you!!! God bless us all! She is just so easy to love, and she knows no stranger! She is the best of me!

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Chris, Jill, and Jack said...

I love it....can't believe they are already 18 months. And, I haven't even met them! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Kilah and Brodie are so cute and I'm sure they will be a ton of fun this year!