Saturday, March 1, 2008


I know its march and i am just now posting christmas.... been busy! Here it is better late than never!
It was a very special christmas for us, it was our very first christmas at our house with just our little family! It was so specail! I had so much fun starting little traditions with the twins, and i cant wait to share those moments with the twins every year! Watching the twins faces light up at all the toys was so magical and so wonderful! They were so excited! We had our special private little christmas let the kids play and eat a little breakfast, and just enjoyed eachother!
Then it was off to see what "Santa Ce-Ce" left! We got there and it was such fun, crazy, chaotic, wonderful McBride family time! You get all 5 grandchildren together and it gets wild!!! They all love eachother so much and at the same time drive eachother totally crazy! Oh it is so fun to watch!
Enjoy the Christmas slideshow above it has some of the highlights of the day! I will be catching up slowly but surely!


Jill said...

I thought I would check your blog on the off chance you had posted and much to my did! Love the pictures. Kilah and Brodie are too cute and look like they are always into something! thanks for sharing

Leah said...

They are adorable! I can't believe how time has passed!