Friday, April 4, 2008

JAN 2008...

Okay here we go i am going to try to catch everyone up to speed....
January was a fun month, as is every month in this house! But i quit my job that i had at Belleza Salon and Spa for the last 7 years to stay home with my kiddos!
I still do work on Mondays, but only Mondays at a great little place,it is very nice and quiet and I ABSOLUTELY love it! Staying home was a big adjustment for me but i really love it! My kids are sooo much cooler than anyone else i know and i would rather hang out with them than anyone else in the world! I am very happy with my new job and new roll as stay at home momma!
The kids are wild and into everything! As you can see In the pictures Kilah is definatley a princess and Brodie is all boy! They keep me on my toes and i love every minute!

Can I wear this momma?

"YAY!!" we love bath time!!

Check me out!!!

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