Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Lots of pics on this post... I decided to no do a slideshow for this one....change it up a bit!
We went to the Hilton Head in May with my mom (Cece), my sisters and all the cousins!!!! And the worlds best babysitter Kurt, Jessica's nephew...we love Kurt!!!! There were 6 kids and 5 adults!!!!! We had a BLAST! The kids love there aunts, uncle and cousins so much they were in heaven getting to hang out with the cool kids for a whole week! Kilah and Anna were so sweet, they enjoyed each other so much! Brodie was having a blast all day everyday hanging out with the big boys, but i am not sure everyone he was around was having near as much fun as he was.... he screamed the whole WEEK!!! He would scream with excitement and anger....it really didn't matter what or why... he just screamed!!!! Gotta love my little man! The twins loved the beach, Kilah especially, she had no fear of it at all, she went running straight to it as soon as we got there and the only thing that stopped her was she would fall down face first in the ocean! Brodie enjoyed it too, but was a little more cautious of the water, he liked the sand, and caring around his shovel and bucket! I enjoyed so much watching Kilah and Brodie exploring new things and loving them! I love watching the world all over again with them!
As you all know i have the best nephews and nieces in the world and have always been very involved in there life's, so getting to hang with 3 of my very favorite kids in the world was awesome! All the cousins love each other so much and drive each other crazy at the same time! So fun to watch!!!
Thank you Ce-Ce for loving the beach so much you let us go with you every year and hang out with you! You are the coolest mom we know!!!
my little future model Kilah!

Wild man Brodie sitting still for a minute... in between screams I am sure!
There is no love like the love of cousins
from left to right, mason, Anna, Brodie, kilah ans miles
welcome to the 2's!
the fam!
best friends for life!
Miles and Brodie!
Daddy and Kilah in the pool
Brodie and momma at the beach
shes a total beach babe!

love this picture of us!
Brodie in his Mickey chair at the beach
Kilah at the beach loving it!


Quad Squad! said...

Wow! Great pics! What a fun trip! Yours kids are so beautiful!

Jill said...

looks like y'all had a blast!!!