Friday, July 11, 2008


I am not really sure how these pics made it on the top of the post & i am not really sure how to delete them. This is Kilah and Brodie on June 9th playing out side and loving there birthday..... now on with the blog.....


June 9Th....


I see the light at the end of the behind bloggers tunnel!

Only 1 month past the party I am posting about it! I am getting better!

As most of you know the twins LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the have since back in the day when they were in exersaucers! Anyway this year they had a Mickey and Minnie party at the "splash pad" at Carl Cowan park! The twins love water and love to run so i thought it would be perfect! It was!!!! These 2 years have FLOWN by way to fast! I look at them and cant believe how far the have come from being my 2 little 3lb babies to now being my little 2 year olds! They are so fun but so challenging at the same time! There are days i want my little 6 week old babies who never sleep know before they fought, bit each other ALL THE TIME, threw huge fits in public and said "no" all the time! But then there are days i look at them and just cant believe my eyes... those 2 are my babies and they are learning so much and trying new things everyday and i am the lucky momma that gets to share all of that with them... and the thoughts of bad things gos far far far away! I wouldn't change a thing about these 2 cuties they are my perfect little twinnies!

here is our birthday cake! Isn't it awesome! thanks Jennifer it rocked!!!

Kilah at home getting ready to party!!!

Lets get this party started momma!!!

Mom we have our sunscreen, bathing suits and these really cute Mickey and Minnie clothes on LETS GOOOOO!!!!

YAY! We made it to the party at the splash pad!!!!

I love to watch them together

Kilah running! she has great form....just like momma in the old days!!! psha!

Brodie playing with mason and daddy!!!

me and my boy having a blast!!!!

Kilah in her Minnie bathing suit taking a break to love on momma

happy birthday to Kilah ...shes still singing it!

happy birthday to Brodie...he thought it was hilarious!

we sang happy birthday 2 times at the party one song for Kilah and one song for Brodie!

Kilah and her new bike!

they love there new bikes..thanks ce-ce!


Brodie on his favorite toy of the day his Mickey Mouse airplane! He loved it and still rides it daily! thanks JuJu and Miles, Mason & Anna

I was so pleased with our fun little party! The twins skipped there first nap EVER..i was scared but they were having so much fun they played right thru all the melt downs i thought they would have! They came home played with a few of there new toys and went to bed at 6:45.. and mommy was also asleep on the couch at 8:45! What can i say parties wear us out!

My babies are such a blessing and thank god for there health and safety everyday!


Jill said...

looks like fun! jack and I are going to be in K-town next Thursday evening thru sometime Sat. Are you busy Friday?

Quad Squad! said...

Your party looks like it was SO fun! I'm sorry we had to miss it!

The Claunch Family said...

Hi Amanda! I stumbled across your blog through friends of friends and wanted to say hi! Your bday party looked so cute, love the Minnie Mouse swim suit!