Thursday, July 31, 2008


I grew up on a boat so I was so excited to take the kids on the boat! They had so much fun, and weren't scared at all!! Kilah actually didn't want me to touch her, so i would have to be sneaky and slip my hand in her life jacket without her knowing! She becoming quite stubborn in her lovely age of 2!!! Brodie thought it was awesome he loves boats and airplanes... and to make the boat ride even cooler for Brodie while we were on the boat a airplane flew really low so he could see it really good! He loved it! I love a good boat ride the wind in your hair and all of the beautiful houses to look at, i was so pleased that the twins enjoyed it as much as I do! Here are some pictures from the boat ride.
Daddy and Brodie loving the boat!
Me getting a little lovin from my girl on the boat!

This picture cracked my up! So I had to post it! Blake and I are always told how much Kilah looks like me and Brodie looks like Blake... this picture proves that for sure! They even have the same look on there faces!
I love my boys!!!

Captain Brodie ready to set sail!!!

The look on his face here is so Brodie! Shortly after this picture he got in my dads lap to help him drive! Brodie thought it was awesome! But Brodie being the boy he is he immediately found the throttle and pushed it all the was down and about threw us all out of the boat! My silly silly wild little man!

Kilah and her new fancy life jacket Pops bought her!

I just love this picture of Blake! I am pretty sure it was right after Brodie about threw us out of the boat! Blake is such a cutie!

I am sure Kilah is telling me "no touchy me mommy!"
so sweet!

We stopped for a bite to eat and Brodie was giving me some good sugars!

Kilah and Pops!
she loved the piggie back ride!

The place where we stopped to eat had a lot of ducks and the twins loved feeding the ducks and hanging out with there Pops!

Kilah went for a quick dip with me and loved it! Brodie was just as happy sitting on the back of the boat with his feet in the boy!

Our boat trip was so fun and ever since we went as soon as we get in the car Kilah wants to know if we are going to "Pops house for boat ride?"
And Brodie since then thinks if he is on a boat he WILL see another airplane!!!
My babies are a such a great age! We are having so much fun!
It just gets better every day!


Goodman Family said...

These are some cute pictures! I love your blog! Have a great weekend.

Jessie & Guille said...

Your family is precious. Those babies are just yummy...edible almost! You looks gorgeous as well! Hope you are enjoying the summer (by the looks of things, you are). :)

Quad Squad! said...

That looked like so much fun!

Mammie Lynn said...

They are as precious as ever! Thanks for sharing..Love you all.

Alicia said...

I just saw Jill's post about you! Wow it has been FOREVER! So TWINS!! Wow, they are precious. I hope you are doing well!

Kilah and Brodies World! said...

thank you alicia! i went to your blog to check it out and it wouldnt let me thru! it has been forever!