Friday, November 2, 2007


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you from all of us!!! Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays... it is just so fun to dress up and bring out the inner kid in you! I usually go all out for Halloween and make Blake dress up too, but this year I was so into the kids dressing up i forgot about Blake and I and our costumes...o how things change when you have kids!! Kilah and Brodie LOVE the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Kilah calls it "Toodles!" and Brodie calls it "Hot Dawg!" If you have ever seen the show you will know why! So i thought to dress them up as Mickey and Minnie would be just perfect! It really helped when i took them to the Disney store and tried Brodie's costume on him and he yelled"HOT DAWG!!!" We had to have it!! I just love their costumes and they did too! We went Trick or Treating at Jessica's sister in laws neighborhood! There were a ton of kids with us, which my kids loved and it was just sooo fun! We tried to let them walk door to door but that would have taken all in the strollers we went and got us our candy!!! another great perk of Halloween...LOTS of candy for mommy! Needless to say we all had a blast! Here are some pics of our Halloween!

So let me get this straight...i just walk up to the door and smile and I get some of this stuff you call candy right?!?!?!

candy is good!!!! I think I need some more mommy!

I just loved the back of this costume!!!!

My 5 most favorite kids on Halloween!!! Miles and Mason are Batman and Anna is the cutest "DOG DOG " I have ever seen! Please notice Anna is WALKING!!!!!

Mickey and Minnie left the clubhouse to Trick or Treat for a littel bit!!

Sweet Minnnie mouse!

"HOT DAWG!!!!!!"


Here is a picture of last year at Halloween...again no time for blogging last year! Aren't they the sweetest elephants you have ever seen.... Man they sure have changed in a year! where does the time go?!?!

My friend Allie from work threw her Little boy Cooper a Halloween themed birthday party and we went!! It was our first Halloween party for the kids! It was sooooo fun They loved it! Here they are at the party checking everything out!!!


Quad Squad! said...

They are SO precious in these costumes! And what a perfect choice! I love it!

Chris, Jill, and Jack said...

those were PERFECT costumes! How precious!!! I have GOT to meet your kids! So precious....I just know that Jack would have a blast trying to keep up with them :-)