Friday, April 4, 2008


My Boy Brodie!!!!
He is my mommas boy for sure! He is also my child!!! So friendly and not the least bit shy! He is wild and when some one says "childproof" that doesn't mean "Brodie proof!" He can find and get his hand on whatever he wants! If there is a hammer or a stick of some sort around he will find it! He loves to "fix things"with daddy and talk back! I will tell him no! and he will say "I Just... I just!" He is always running never walking and constantly talking...very loudly! We cant always make out what he is saying unless he really wants us to understand! He will only say and do what he wants when he wants to! He loves TV, and really gets into it he talks back in English and Spanish..if he is watching Dora or Diego! TV is really the only way i can keep him out of EVERYTHING!!! He is adventurous and I love it! He is also quit the comedian...He always keep me busy and laughing! I am totally in love with this boy!!

Brodie "shishin!" aka fishing!

"Cheeeeese momma!"

Like I said into EVERYTHING!

Helping daddy "Fix it!"

The kind of stuff he does in his spare time!

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