Friday, April 4, 2008

FEB 2008....

Only in Knoxville do we have a beautiful 65 degree weather in Feb!!! So we really took advantage and played out side ALOT!!! I love taking the twins pictures outside because the lighting is great and the candid pics are my favorite!
Here are some fun pictures on Kilah and Brodie outside! I learned on this day just how different my kids are ... Kilah parked herself on the ground and played in that same spot so nicely and Brodie just ran... in peoples yards, after dogs, down the hill EVERYWHERE!!! He is all boy I tell you! They have so much fun playing outside!
Please notice Kilah in her sweet pig tails..or just "p tails" as she calls them! She doesn't enjoy having them put in but loves to look at them and swing them around. So girly!!

I love this picture of them....Best Friends for life!

He looks sooooo innocent!

Playing with oatmeal on the back porch?!?! momma really?!

My Handsome boy!

She takes my breathe away!

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