Friday, April 4, 2008


My sweet Kilah Koo!
What a sweet soul she is! So loving and kind...sort of! She is sneaky! If i catch her doing something she isn't supposed to she will look at me and say "hi momma!" really sweet! She is a great talker she speaks very clear. She loves to snuggle and fix my hair! She loves her "night night" which is her blanket and baby dolls! She is my eater she loves green beans, "geenbeans" and anything that anyone else is eating! I call her my doesn't matter what or where I am eating she will find me and sweetly say "more pease!" and will then answer for you by saying "okay" She likes to snuggle and stays right at my feet!She can tend to be a little more shy than Brodie but not for long, give her a minute and shell have you eating out of her hands! She is quit the charmer. She loves her "Brodie boy, and Lola" Lola is our dog! If Blake or I ask her her "who's momma/daddy's girl?" she will answer with "Kilah is!!!" It melts me! Kilah really is just so loving and has a heart of gold! I couldn't love her more!

Cooking like mommy!

Every girl needs her Beauty kit!

"I comin!"


Jill said...

Yeah...I hadn't looked at your blog in a while and was excited for the new posts!!! They are just way too cute for words!!! Also, that's awesome about your job situation! I know you're loving every minute of it.

Quad Squad! said...

What great pics of BOTH kids! They are so beautiful!

Jill said...

Hey..don't even know if you'll read this comment since it's been a while since you posted, BUT, I tagged you...check out my blog for details!